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Brian has been the pastor at Truth since day one. He is married to the love of his life, Annie. They have three children; Hunter, Jacob, and Aletheia. Please read the interview section below for more info about pastor Brian and his background.

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Secretary | Resale Store Manager


As the wife of the pastor, Annie is in constant demand. She has many roles at the church. Annie does the secretary work, she manages the Truth Resale Store, she plays keyboards and sings with the worship team, she teaches Sunday School, and she fills many other needs to help keep the church ministries function.

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Children's Minister


Melody and her husband Curtis have two boys together. She is a military wife and has lived in Port Clinton since 2017. Although she’s only been here a short time, she has really become involved with our youth. In addition to our awesome Sunday school program, Melody also heads up our Wednesday night Children's time during adult Bible Study.

Interview With the Pastor

Brian Hild is a married father of three, and a Port Clinton native. He received God’s calling to pastoral ministry at the age of nine. As Brian grew older, God gradually began to show him pieces of what Truth Ministries would become. In 2003, Brian was ordained as a youth pastor. He began studying Theology at Oral Roberts University before transferring to Freedom Bible College and Seminary where Brian completed his degree in Ministry. In 2007, Brian wrote his book entitled The Unbiased Truth – which has been revised in 2014. Please see the section below for more details about pastor Brian’s book. 

Brian responded to the call of Ministry on February 23rd, 2008 when he began the Church of Truth Ministries. Since that day, God’s Kingdom has grown through many wonderful people at Truth. Pastor Brian credits God alone for the growth and blessings of Truth Ministries; Just as Psalm 127:1 tells us, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain”. 

Pastor Brian's Book

In The Unbiased Truth, L. Brian Hild takes a controversial step into the world of church-dividing doctrines and shows the opened-minded reader that tradition is not always the truth. In an attempt to help unite God's church, this book will help you learn how to find more accurate answers to the most skeptical and taboo questions, including: Does God always choose to foresee everything? Why did God forsake Jesus on the cross? Why shouldn't Jesus' mother, Mary, be prayed to and worshipped? Why has the gift of speaking in tongues been over-exalted in some churches and torn down in others? What truly defiles our bodies? Can you lose your salvation? At what point are people accountable for salvation? What does it mean to be saved, filled, endued with and baptized with the Holy Spirit? Readers of all ages and maturity levels will be able to dig deeper into some of God's greatest mysteries by using The Unbiased Truth

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